St Pierre

Saint Pierre, Belgium

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 8-Turns
Length 1.555 Miles
Max Field 38
Track Record NA
NR2K3 Track Author NA

St Pierre

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Another track with some graphics 'difficulties'. The main thing I see is another one of those landscape issues where mips create an unrealistic "patterned" look. Once again I have played around and actually came up with some substitutions for the primary culprits. Not quite there yet though--you can still see the repetitive "tile". For some reason that is distracting to me when driving--some sort of peripheral vision thing I guess. Or a sign that I am distracted far too easily.

Note: This is the only track that I have been unable to get a proper replay (and consequently, a track bitmap) in Replay Analyzer. I don't know the reason; it shows up fine in Sandbox.

Project Files

Orig. Track DL (or Loc) DEI Racing
Supplemental Files None
Revised Track DL Pending