Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake Point, ON

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 24 Turns
Length 4.721 Miles
Characteristics Direction: Counter-clockwise
Max Field 43
Track Record Cup - Robbie Gordon 112.015 mph (GS)
GNS - Terry Labonte 110.992 mph (GS)
CTS - Boris Said 108.674 mph (GS)
PTA - AchimT 115.311 mph (GS)
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Alexandre Ulleri (aka Smokey0023)

Rattlesnake Point

I've Got Work To Do

I keep finding information that I need to include with tracks. For NR2K3 I didn't pay much attention to the authors at first--I just wanted to get some documentation online and a track diagram. Then I decided I needed to help recognize the designers. As far as track characteristics go some information (turns and banking) is generously provided with some tracks while completely lacking in others. Finding track records has been more of a chore than anything else. Some tracks have no listings anywhere at all so I try to run AI at 100% to at least get a number. Others, such as this track, show records for multiple mods. Which is nice but it shows me another site deficiency: when I started doing this I drove the Cup cars everywhere. Now I see I need to include Busch cars and Craftsmen trucks and Trans Ams and I suppose you could make a case for other mods as well. I guess it all boils down to "you can't please everyone, sometimes you just have to please yourself". The way I see it, the door is always open and anyone is free to help provide information that I don't have. I love the research, love drawing up the tracks and I love taking that first drive on a new one. In fact I want to do much more driving than I do. A few laps set the tone but I'm not satisfied that easily--I want to master the track. Rattlesnake Point (RSP) is one of those waiting for me to get serious. This track is a definite challenge to drive and needs laps. But I need to work on setups, there are online races at other tracks I need to prepare for and the list goes on and on. I see no end in sight.


I guess this is where I'm s'posed to step in and say "There, there--it'll be alright". Not gon' happen. Ya wanna be all things to all people, just leave me out. Gimme car, lemme drive. You have met the enemy and it is you. Why make things harder than they have to be?

Y'know you talk about all this work ya gotta do but ya sure do play a lot. I mean how much time did you spend doing that "inspired" drawin' for the NR2K3 article. Yer all serious about doin' this thing and there ya are drawing ducks'n shit.