Bruneck, Südtirol, ITA

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 14 Turns
Max banking 5°
Length 3.57 Miles
Max Field 42
Track Record (GS) 103.891 Marco Bardelli (PTA)
112.049 Marco Careddu (Cup)
NR2K3 Track Author(s) OldTeam


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Nice Guys Finish 4th

Actually it raced alright but it drove me nuts trying to get a complete lap in for awhile. I kept on wanting to say "what a waste of fine graphics". And it wasn't just the hairpin--I think I found every place on this track where you can slide it all the way around. Fortunately we only did it once during our race and it only cost us two positions. It turned into one of our better recent finishes ("better" meaning that it was not a another DNF). We actually held someone off for the last half of the race by running consistent laps. As Radt would say: "Who'da thunk?"

Incidently, the record laps would seem to need some revising. The average lap score at NR Rank is 112.93 mph. I would probably go with this as a pretty good benchmark score. For a record lap the top listed speed of 128.37 mph is a little "out there". Tacking 10% on to the 112.9-mph average gives around 124. A little better... I find 120 mph "out there", mainly because our best was 117.4 and we had to work like hell to get it. Looka there Radt, I said "we" and it involved sharing the credit.


Didn't you mean "old guys finish 4th"? Don't look at me, you're "the driver". I tol' ya before, I drive the black car. That white car out there is a waste of space. On the streets black cars are impossible to keep clean--they show dust easier than any other color. On the track they disguise the doughnuts (tire rub) that ya inevitably get from good clean racing. As far as sharing goes, I guess I have to give ya credit for all the tracks where I'm the one with the best lap? That's ok, keep yer lil record--I have plenty.