Lime Rock Mountain

Lakeville, CT

Category Fictional
Type Road Course
Configuration 11 Turns
Length 2.93 Miles
Characteristics Frontstretch Length 3065'
Elevation Changes 200'
Max Field 37
Top Speed (GS) PTA - Dan Olbuck 87.442
Cup - Dan Olbuck 102.512
NR2K3 Track Author Dan Olbuck

Lime Rock Mountain

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The Other Lime Rock

OK, this is the Lime Rock that was never built. My article on the real version is in this feature issue (#4) here. The extension was actually bulldozed and if you use Google Earth you can almost see the path. A Google Earth .kmz file is here or do a Google Earth search on Lime Rock Park. Just for grins I put an overlay on the map using the track map I generated off of the game. The following graphic is the result:

Google Overlay Map

I purposely lightened it to be barely discernible but you can get the overall idea. Of course this could be off significantly in any number of ways--a few degrees off in placement, a few pixels off in the path replication, skew distortion, the accuracy of the game version. But this is as far as I'm taking it.

The Verdict

As far as I know all game versions were created by Dan Olbuck. I personally like them all. Of course Lime Rock Twist_v4 provides the best eye candy and effects. You can easily turn 102mph laps on long or short versions using the Nascar stocks. Of course the Trans Ams will run faster.

Radt's Twist

How about strollers? You never mentioned how fast you can push a stroller around the course. NR Rank puts you at 49th which is about 4 mph slower than the good drivers. Gimme the keys to the Vega and I'll show you a lap to remember.