Jen Valley

McDonough, GA

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Length 2.13 Miles
Max Field 42
Track Record NA
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Kurt Morgan

Jen Valley

If It Looks Like A Duck...

Alright, we did some serious stuff (Kentucky), now we go a little off kilter. First things first--did anyone else see a duck? Maybe it's a little prehistoric. So, with a slight change Jen becomes "The Duck":

The Duckster

OK, maybe it's a rubber tub duckie but I can't help it--everytime I look at the track diagram I see the duck. It's a serious shortcoming I know; it's like finding pictures in the clouds. But what am I supposed to do. The creative beast always chooses imagination over good sense. Where I should be analyzing corners and plotting my gear changes, where I should see possible problems and be looking for solutions... I see ducks.


Quack. Quack. Do you remember anything about driving or do you imagine that you drove it too... Daffy or Donald or whatever you said your name was. The truth is, yer writing about ducks because you haven't driven it. I mean ya were there on the track and all but you didn't drive--ya slogged. Ya tole me ya didn't much remember it but I kinda remember ya waddling around like a wet duck fresh outta water.

LK Comeback

I only did a few laps but I remember. No slow hairpins to mess up a nice, flowing course. A slightly tricky, narrowed chute when approaching the start-finish line. And it has a Sim Racing Connection sign on the course (which of course needs to be NR2K3Tracks now). Incidently, the track file is hosted there also. Notes on the site explain that it is a faster, flatter, longer deviation of Badone (which I haven't driven yet). What else? Seemed to have good grip. I could find no reference for good lap speeds but since I hit 115 within a few laps I figured it had to be some 10% higher (or around 126.5). Out of curiosity I ran the AI through qualifying at 100%. Rusty Wallace topped the field at 127.51 mph. Average for all qualifiers? 126.643.