Bum BumBum,

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 11-Turns
Length 4.117 Miles
Track Record NA
NR2K3 Track Author Bragi
Author Website Borghero Website


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Like A Drive Through Gallery

I love this track. I was falling for it before I loaded it the first time--I could see from the preview pics that it was going to be different. The author says it has a "metaphysical" atmosphere and that's pretty accurate. The concept of combining art with a track just flat turns me on. It makes me want to see more like it. I want to feel all their curves, climb their hills, caress their... oh, oh, getting off subject. But really, I think first of someone like Banksy (the famed UK graffiti artist). Then maybe Monet or Dali even. Probably not Jackson Pollock--unless you put it at a track like this. It makes me wonder what other concepts we would mix into our NR2003 racing experience. Which brings to mind, I wonder why sponsors haven't jumped all over our trackmakers? They are already getting lots of billboards and subsequently brand recognition. But I would assume if they were to toss some bucks around they could saturate NR2K3 like they do with all our other day-to-day habitats. And I would surely think no less of anyone that took their good money--net profits for those who create tracks stands at zilch.

You shouldn't think this track is a gimmick because of the artwork. I look for such things as the way the track feels from the moment I start the first lap. This one can actually give you a hint of vertigo at a couple of spots. It's also fast--Boris Said ran a lap in 1:38.271 (150.82 mph) for the AI at 100%. That said, there appear to be a few glitches with AI and/or maybe racing? The author has documented the remaining problems and includes it with the track. I would hope and call for those with "know" to chip in and give the author a hand. This is too good to waste.


Where ya been LK? Ya haven't asked me for an opinion for weeks. I guess hearing the truth doesn't top your agenda right now? Or mebbe you were afraid that I'd say something about yer best lap being 134 mph when Boris and the fellows can do 150. I know you've been drawing track diagrams but if ya wanna get good ya gotta drive and, in your case, drive, and drive, and drive... Ok, that might be a little optimistic. If I were you I'd shoot for mediocre: I'm pretty sure you might be able to achieve that.