Golden Sands Speedway

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Category Other Tracks
Type Short Track
Configuration Oval
Length 1/3 Mile (1200/Time)
Characteristics Corners Banking 14-16 Width 70'
Characteristics Straights Banking 12 Width 60'
Max Field 43
Track Record Jeremy Lepak 11.679 Sec (Super Late Models) 7/2/99
Tim Plowman 12.953 Sec (Super Stocks) 4/21/06
Composition 4 Inches of highway grade asphalt over a ground asphalt base
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Brian Zager
Author Website BrianZ's Racing Simulations

Golden Sands


In my original notes I had Andy Roberts listed as track author and I can find no files now with that reference. Did he do an N2K2 version or did I just make a mistaken entry? At any rate I have nothing on the hard drive now that doesn't have Brian Zager listed as the author.

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