Eldora Speedway

Rossburg, OH

Category Real
Type Short Track
Configuration Oval
Length .5 Mile
Characteristics Clay Oval
Turns banked 24
Straights banked 8 (All)
Max Field 21
Track Records(GS) Cup - Rick Eckart 15.2
PTA - Craig Dollansky 12.75
GNS - Rick Eckart 15.2
CTS - Rick Eckart 15.2
Capacity 16,225 Permanent plus unlimited on hillside
NR2K3 Author StrtRacrZ


Down & Dirty

I don't know why I've had trouble getting interested in more dirt tracks or why this is the first one I've featured. I grew up driving on dirt roads almost as much as paved roads. Maybe I just remembered those joyful times of getting stuck in mud. Or maybe driving the Bakersfield Speedway oval helped curb the urge--that thing is/was rougher than cob. Then I drove here and was impressed with the smoothness. Huh? That's because the force feedback was turned off? And the smooth course I was thinking of was Twin City Raceway which is a dirt road course? Well nevermind. This is fun to drive though--I don't really have a "slide thing" going but you're not slapping the wall all the time either.

Saturday Slamfest

I'd like to do a league where once a week you use a different user-name (to save your "incident" ratings) and just go to bumping and grinding. Dirt tracks and the really short tracks would work best for this. Of course there are drivers that use all the tracks for this purpose anyway. But I think if you had an anything goes night it might help curb the urge to smash certain drivers that have given you thoughts of retaliation. I have a few in mind right now after being run up the track in the early laps of consecutive league speedway races. Retribution is coming but waiting for the right moment is tough.


Ooh, talk dirty to me. What are you gonna do, tap the inner bumper from behind when they're in the corner? You never even get close enough. You better just wait till they close and brake hard, that's the only way you're gonna have a chance. Once they're on the inside you don't have a prayer. And they will be on the inside--you haven't had a setup in weeks that will stay on the bottom. I keep hearing what yer gonna do but I don't see no action. Look, ya hafta be able to race with 'em first. Then ya can go around beating the doors in. Take 2 seconds off yer laps at Eldora and you might be ready.

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