St. Jovite

St. Jovite, Canada

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
Configuration 15 Turns
Length 2.65 Miles
Characteristics Average Width 36 Feet
Max Field 38
Track Record(s) (GS) PTA - NA 91.983
Cup - Bill Elliott 94.783
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Gilles Benoit, David Noonan

St. Jovite

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This is a conversion track and it could really use a makeover. Foliage graphics are good, I can live with the horizon, the berms lean towards cheese. Track is fairly narrow. I could do without all the invisible barriers off the track. I guess they do keep you from spinning all the way around but it's just not right--if you are spinning in the grass you shouldn't be knocked back towards the track by an invisible object. In fact I like it less and less. If you want barriers put up walls and armco's. Watching a video I see that guard rails are about all that's needed to fix the place. Well, it needs to be widened and it needs some new rumble strips too. From the photos I've looked at the NR03 version actually looks better than the real; a lot more grass along trackside instead of dirt.


Pretty challenging. Once you get a handle on it it's fun. But once again I've hit a wall at the middle-of-the-pack mark. What is it that I need to get to the next level. A new wheel? I know mine is costing me time now--I don't want to straight-line (go sequential) and to direct-shift with mine I have to use buttons. Several are developing intermittant tendencies that drive me crazy. And this unit does not easily yield access to its innards to see if I can clean up contacts or even replace switches. One missed shift or late shift can throw off your timing for an entire laps' work.


Threw a little hissy tantrum here didn't ya? In the pits during practice. Didn't think about other drivers suddenly appearing from off-track? And ya nailed a guy with a t-bone maneuver after he passed you and blamed it on a gear? Ya coulda said brakes or wheel but you hit him full speed while he slowed down for a corner because of a gear? Did you think that maybe he would think twice before passing you during the race? LK, I'm proud of you, yer startin' to get it. Yer just full of surprises aren't ya? Well, not full of 'em but ya do surprise me every now and then. The polite pole-axer, that's what you is.

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