Norisring Grand Prix

Nurnberg, GER

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
Configuration 5 Turns
Length 1.41 Miles
Track Record Cup: Bill Elliot 97.53 mph (GS)
PTA: Unlisted Name 105.53 (GS)
Max Field 37
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Lou Magyar, David Noonan (Conversion track)

Norisring Grand Prix

First Impressions

This is a GPL conversion track. The pavement textures seem different to me than any other track I've been on; it's probably a 'context' thing. The first time out I had the impression that there was ice on the road everywhere. In fact you can just see it: a storm has blown through and the remnants are visible in the distance. The streets are iced up. You hit a patch of ice in the first turn and swing way off course. I noticed the effect didn't seem to work as well when I changed the practice session to 'cloudy' weather hoping to intensify the impression. Of course you see where I'm going here don't you? What I want to do is set the temperature to 50, take all the grip out of the track and have a slidefest.


A slidefest he says. For a tight-fisted car owner he sure don't mind wrecking expensive machinery to have some slippery fun. Ya do see a pattern here do ya not? We're always "over-budget" and I'm always "destroying" cars. Well sign me up for this one.