Neva Ring

St.Petersburg, Russia

Category Other Real Tracks
Type Road Course
Configuration 14-Turns
Length 2.671 km (1.66 Miles)
Max Field 20
Track Record (GS) Cup - Dale Jarrett 71.884
NR2K3 Author Dmitry Gavrilenko

Neva Ring

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From The 'Readme' File

Track history:

This is first stationary racetrack in the USSR that still operational today. Located in St. Petersberg (former Leningrad) on the Crestovsky island around Kirov stadium, the track was introduced in the fall of 1958 and had a lenght about 3.3 km. Track featured no long straits and two long curves that rounded the west side of the stadium. 12m wide tarmack was exceptionally flat as there was no banked turns. It's interesting that starting zone (20 m wide) was outside the very circuit being attached to it.

In 1960 Nevsky Ring ("Nevskoe Koltso") hosted one of the rounds of USSR Championship for the first time. Year later an international race took place here. The cirquit went through a couple of reconstructions: in 1964 track was shortened to 3.26km and two years later safety was significantly improved. During 60s and 70s Nevsky Ring was the center of soviet autosport where stages of both USSR championships and international competitions regularily took place. in 1966 Newsky Ring hosted the first Russian round of the Socialist Countries Friendship Cup.

Lately Nevsky Ring gradually lost its significance as there was no international races after 1970. The last time USSR championship races took place here in 1969 for sport cars and in 1974 for stock cars. In the late of 70s track was finally abandoned because of preparation of Kirov stadium to forthcoming Olympic soccer tournament. The track was reopened for races only in 1993.