Autodrome Nationale de Monza

Milan, Italy

Type Road Course
Configuration 11 Turns
Length 3.58 Miles
Max Field 40
Track Record (GS) Cup - Rusty Wallace 87.752
NR2K3 Track Author(s) FlashQLD


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The Other Milan

Again it's more stuff pertaining mostly to the game version of a real track. That's why we're all here anyway isn't it? I try to find a few facts along the way to relate to the real life version but most of what I know (sic) is game-related. If you've looked at the Circuito de Milano page you know why I felt I needed to include this track in this feature issue even though I haven't spent that much time with it yet.

The reason the annotated diagram is not numbered is because the 11 turns listed in the game do not show up while driving. I'm assuming that those 'variantes' in the diagram are 'variations (duh) to the normal flow' or 'chicanes'. I see about 3 of them in other track illustrations that are not present in the game version. I'm not complaining--I like it just fine here without them. Much faster this way I would guess. Actually I see only 7 turns while driving. Yep, I drove it again--definitely 7. I went ahead and added the extra named turns because I love the way the words sound.

Oh ok, I give--here's a link for how I see the turns numbering.

I came here expecting that I wouldn't like the shortened version as much as the 10-km version. I was wrong. This is actually easier to drive and not that much slower. Using the stock "fast" setup I drove it at 141.488 mph after running only a dozen laps or so. I see room for tuning too since I max out rpm's long before reaching the ends of the wide-open portions of the track. A taller 4th gear is called for here. I'll get back to you on that. The game-set Cup record is listed at 146.869 and I suspect that it is a record ripe for plucking. I also suspect that the AI will better that record but I haven't checked yet.

Radt's Wrap

I'm on it baby...the record is mine! Not even LK can't keep me off of this one. What a difference a day (or a couple'a years) make. My great granpappy Dradt Dastard (they called him "The Big Dastard") went over to Europe and ran a Miller car here on the original track. It was all hush-hush but they tell me he ran a record lap that could never be made public or official. I suppose they'll try to do that with me too. But I won't be denied. Man I wish we could could get a start-up open-wheel operation going--I could run those and leave the clunkers to LK. Any sponsers out there? I may be rough around the edges but I'm still marketable dammit!

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