Miller Motorsports Park

Tooele, UT

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
4 Configurations East Course 14-Turns
West Course 12-Turns
Outer Course 16-Turns
Full Course 24-Turns
Length East Course 2.2 Miles
West Course 2.2 Miles
Outer Course 3.16 Miles
Full Course 4.5 Miles

Miller Motorsports Park

Complete Track Diagram

Explane Me This
And Spik Slowwly

I'm really confused here. According to the Miller Motorsports site this is an this award-winning track, it's 4.5 miles in length which makes it the longest road course in America, and I can't find it. I mean I can't find it on Google Earth. Well I can find it but I can't make it fit. So I'm wondering what I'm missing. I mean, I'm not gonna say it's not there--I'm thinking the Google Earth photos must be way old. That's what I'm saying to myself now, but you should have seen me twisting that Kart track (the one that does show in Google) trying to make it line up with with some or any part of the 4.5 mile track. When I finally used Google's measuring tools on it I found it was under a mile in length and further investigation finally showed me that it was an entirely different entity.

What I really wanted though was to fire up a conspiracy theory. Miller Motorsports announced a partnership with the sim-game creators at iRacing back in August of 2006. According to the iRacing site their laser-scanning team had "recently completed the first step of the exactrac process for Miller Motorsports Park, spending almost a full week scanning each of Miller's three configurations and the karting circuit. The team also took more than 5,000 photographs of the facility, which will be used to add detail, depth and realism to the track as it is incorporated into the simulation." So it was really only a short jog for me to ascertain that the two had created a virtual sim course in the vast Utah wildnerness. But how did Boris Said win a race there? Well Boris has raced online so that whole page about the Grand Am race was just really well-done virtual news. The photos? Could have been anywhere. Tell me, how many photos have you seen of the place close up? Pictures at the Miller Motorsports site? They have Kart pictures, they have track diagrams, they have that cheesy virtual tour. Get forum answers? They have very strict guidelines for posting and inform you that they can remove your post for no reason other than that they want to. Yep, what we have here is the biggest scam/scandal in the history of motorsports, a cover-up of epic proportions.

Here are the various configurations:

West Course East Course
West Course East Course
Outer Course Full Course

Here's what shows up when you do a Google Earth zoom (and what I later learned was the Kart track):

Google Satellite Image MMS

Click on diagram for the satellite photo


I'll tell ya what... they built it all underground is what they did. Yeah, they got miles and miles of tunnel under there. And they're all aliens. How can ya explain Larry Miller (owner Utah Jazz) and John Henry (owner Boston Red Sox) being partners? You think they get together just to run their little go-karts around the track? Huh-uh, they drive cobras and talk on their cell phones about how they can take over the world and they've got a whole army of androids and sub-humans telling the newspapers what they want them to say. And they have lawyers too by the way.


As far as I know there is no NR2K3 version of this track (or its variations) being done. I'd be willing to bet though that the NR2K3 community comes out with one before iRacing does. Exactrack? Sheeesh! There's nothing magical or mystical about laser leveling or GPS anymore. We were surveying building sites using laser technology many moons ago. C'mon guys, it's time to show what you got or get away from the table.