Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT

Type Road Course
Configuration 7 Turns
Length 1.53 Miles
Characteristics Frontstretch length 1934'

limerock park

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Variations On A Theme

There are quite a few variations of the game version of this track but it doesn't have to be all that confusing. There are basically two versions: the real track and the extended track that was planned and never built. This is the real track. In its various incarnations it is called Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock Twist and oh yeah, there's a Lime Rock Bus Stop. That one would look like this:

Lime Rock Bus Stop

I've come to understand that bus stop denotes a chicane. Its main purpose is to slow drivers down, particularly at dangerous sections of a track. This one, known as the John Morton Chicane, was actually added to the track in 1989 after Morton became airborne in a 1988 practice and was nearly killed in the ensuing fiery crash.


We don't need no stinkin' chicanes to save us; we like air time. It's so nice and quiet up there and for a moment time stands still--no crowd noise, no spotters screaming, no babble from meddling owners. It's like there's just one huge gasp, a collective "ahhh". It's the landings that get noisy.

Y'know, people put these chicanes in and they put up these little orange pylons to keep you from passing them up. Hmmmph. And they wave these little black flags if ya run through 'em. Hmmmph.

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