Donington Park

Derby, England

Common or Real Version Info

Category Other Real Tracks
Type Road Course
Configuration 8 Turns
Length 1.94 Mile

Donington Park

Version: Donington v1

Configuration 8 Turns
Length 3.09-Miles
Track Record (GS) 70.652 Rusty Wallace (Cup)
79.098 Dave Rezendes (CTS)
Max Field 43
NR2K3 Author(s) Adriano Augusto
Author Web Presence TmCtr

Version: Donington (DPark)

Configuration 10 Turns
Length 2.75-Miles
Track Record(s) (GS) PTA - Alexander Marx 76.398
Cup - Alexander Marx 80.25
CTS - C.A.R. e.V. 90.0
Max Field 43
NR2K3 Author(s) Madcowie

On The Edge Of Reality

We have to take the realism thing with a grain of salt sometimes. This track is a real roadie in England with a history. And here we have two versions of the 'real' track. One makes no bones about length--the TeamCtr version says right up front that it is 3.09 miles. The other (which is a Madcowie GPL conversion?) shows 2.75 miles on the splash page but 1.94 miles on the track info tab inside the game. Once run it's obvious that the times and speeds are based on 2.75 miles.

So which one is the closest to the real version? How about neither? Or both? It's all in the interpretation. From what I've been able to glean the 1.94-mile Donington does indeed use the track configuration that the game purports. If you download the PDF files at the track official website you can see that the 1.94-mile track follows the course used by our game. Shorten up either of the NR2K3 tracks and you'll have a very real replica. There is also a Grand Prix version which is 2.5 miles but that length is gained through a convoluted add-on section.

So Which One?

Your call here. The two versions are actually set up quite differently in the ini configuration files and, as you would expect, they drive much differently. Due to higher grip I'm faster on the 3.09-mile track and I always like faster. You will have to use the 'fun factor' to make your determination as I have no idea which feels more 'real'. Graphically I like the 3-mile version for the trees and more complete 'helicopter' view but would probably go with the 2.75 on track and trackside objects with the exception of the airplanes which I think it could probably do without. The trees in the 2 and 3/4-miler suffer that dreaded chop/flat look that makes me crazy but if you let a little thing like that keep you from driving you will not be able to use many NR03 tracks.

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