Berlin, GER

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Type Road Course
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Version: Avus v3

Configuration 5-Turns
Length 1.64 Miles
Max Field 35
Track Record (GS) 50.572 Jeff Burton (Cup)
49.798 C. Albers (PTA)
NR2K3 Author(s) Alfredo Martinez Romero/AMR
Author Web Presence NSR Challenge/ AMR Track Factory

Avus v3

Notes on Avus v3:

This version which is the older one is the newer one probably based on some of the last races here. Road courses with long straights have fallen out of vogue in favor of more "technical" courses. The big turn is unbanked in this one. It also includes what seems to be mandatory rumble-strip esses for today's courses. I wish the signage was clearer when approaching the hairpin--I still haven't found the braking points I need to avoid an abrupt meeting with the temporary barrier at the end. It is not an "instinct" course and I'm betting that if feels better using TA cars.

Versions: Avus 50's and Avus 67

Configuration 4-Turns
Length 5.1875-Miles (50's)
5.1667 (67)
Max Field 38
Track Record(s) NA
NR2K3 Author(s) Zoltan Nagy

Actually the following depiction which is out of the game is probably more accurate. I understand that if you look down along the track from an elevated position that it is not completely straight.

Avus 50's


I don't see a lot of differences between the 50's and the '67 track. Maybe more armco in '67 to make it tougher (but not impossible) to cut the course--if you're into that kind of thing. The historical versions are actually the newest ones. I don't know, judging by vehicles, whether they should be called historic, or renovations or preserved artifacts but these include some interesting driving areas at the north end. I particularly like the inclusion of the round scoring tower which I understand is still present along with the original wooden grandstand.

The 50's and '67 version share the basics: two long straights connected by a hairpin turn at one end and a big cereal-bowl turn at the other (replete with outrageous 43 banking). The author did a good job with the brick paving in the banked section. The banking was leveled in 1967 so I guess this version just missed that deadline.

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