Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez

Mexico City, Mexico

Category Busch
Type Road Course
Configuration 8 Turns
Length 2.518 Mi
Track Record GNS - Jorge Goeters 103.366 (2005)

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez

The Old & The New

This is the new look Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez that is being raced by Busch. I may be wrong but I think the latest version was modified off of the 'no chicane' version since when I raced it the cheat line still went straight instead of making the turns. Which isn't such a problem--we never use it for more than a dozen laps while learning a track layout. Any longer than that just creates problems and bad habits. I would imagine there are a number of graphic upgrades but I haven't looked for the older one that I had laying around here somewhere. At some point I will compare them. I did run a couple of laps on the last updated version and the chicane looked much better. They've bent the raceline and the rumble strips even look cleaner for some reason. You know if the original version is to be believed there is very little resemblance in looks or in racing between the old and new. But that's progress and I suppose I've seen my last race on the original.


Yahvol, como no? Sprekken zie Englais? Cheat lines? Do you need to paint lines everywhere to figure out how to drive? Geez Louise, just follow the road. All the cars are going in the direction that you need to be going so maybe ya follow them. Lord knows ya won't be in front of them. And ya call that a chicane? You don't even need to brake unless the geometry is just too puzzling. I know why you wanna come back here; you wanna cruise around and take photos of the new grandstands and see if ya can really see the baseball field.