Kansas Speedway

Kansas City, KS

Category Current Cup
Type Speedway
Configuration Tri-Oval
Length 1.5 Miles
Characteristics Frontstretch Banked 10.4
Backstretch Banked 5
Turns Banked 15
Track Record Matt Kenseth, 180.856 mph (Oct 8, 2005)
Capacity 78,000

Kansas Speedway

Kansas A Cookie?

Let's face it: Kansas is one of the cookie-cutters. It is but it isn't you know what I mean? It has enough subtle differences to just not quite make it full-fledged. Like the Chicago cookie-cutter it's a tri-oval but it oddly (or not so oddly) doesn't feel like Chicago and the shape feels much different when you're driving it. Its banking is maybe most like California but it's not shaped like California and it's a half-mile shorter. That said, I don't automatically dislike cookie-cutters. They are a good drive for the most part. And I'm glad that Kansas has a Nascar track--they deserve it no matter what the race is driven on. See my article about cookie-cutters in the Nascar section for an explanation and we can be done with that part of the discussion.


You drive in circles around and around making left-hand turns. If ya twist it and make a right you've got a road course. You could say that all the short ovals in the country are cookie-cutters. What's the dif? The only thing that matters: can ya drive them faster than the rest of the field?

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