Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis, Indiana

Type Super Speedway
Configuration Oval
Length 2.5-mile (4.023 km)
Characteristics Turns Length .25 miles x 4
Turns Banked 12
Long Straightaways Length .625 Miles x 2
Short Straightaways Length .125 Miles x 2
Straightaways Banked 9
Track Width 50' (60' in turns)
Track Record Casey Mears, 186.293 mph, Aug 7, 2004
Capacity Grandstand capacity: 314,980


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The Brickyard (as seen by LK)

To me it's always been about Rick Mears. He was another Bakersfield boy and I'd watch the Indy 500 every year to watch him take home another one. That yellow Pennzoil car is probably the reason I didn't start watching Nascar sooner. Stock cars paled next to the ground-hugging momentum generated by the open wheel rockets. When I started watching Nascar it was because I thought it provided a more level playing field, more opportunities for the every man. Man that sure has changed huh? Remind me to do an article on Clay Andrews Racing (CAR).


Did Kevin kiss the bricks? Tell me it ain't so. Ever time I think of kissing the bricks I have that picture in my mind of Jeff Gordon kissin' the bricks. D'ya think I'm gonna put my lips where his lips have been? Eeewww! I'll take a milk bath but I ain't gonna kiss where someone else has slobbered.

NR2K Notes

This is the first track that the game Auto AI has bumped me up to 99% on its own. I didn't think it would ever happen. Of course I can't race them that well. I still end up racing by myself--the leaders ahead of me never get closer, the cars I've passed fall back and never make a charge. On a long track like this I don't even get to race lapped cars.

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