California Speedway

Fontana, CA

Category Current Cup
Type Speedway
Configuration D-Shaped Oval
Length 2 Miles
Characteristics Front Stretch Length 3100' Banked 11
Back Straightaway Length 2500' Banked 3
Turns 1-2, 3-4: Banked 14
Width: 75 feet wide with 15-foot apron
Track Record Kyle Busch 188.245 (2005)
Capacity 92,109

California Speedway

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Fontana California also houses a women's state penitentiary. No Radt, I didn't go there so don't you. Actually they wouldn't even let me in to visit. I believe one of Charlie Manson's girls may still be there; I heard she became a Christian and was a sweetheart these days. Sad the way the decisions of youth jump on us later.

The track? One of my favorites. The second Cup track (after Indianapolis) to accord me the respect of automatically adjusting the AI to 100%. Somehow we just hit on a setup here that allowed us to pass anywhere on the track, top or bottom. For some reason Harvick says this is one of his weakest. I guess I need to talk to Todd (his crew chief) and pass along our secret.


'We' just happened on the setup and 'we' just drove the hell outta it. Is that the way it was? Or did 'I' drive it just 25/100ths of a second slower than the record (when Ryan Newman held it and that punk Busch didn't)? LK's just 100% bullshit sometimes ain't he? Yeah, Todd's just waiting for you to call and Kevin will hire you for his front office when ya share yer little secret setup. And where do I fit in with yer plans? Ya gonna hire me to make coffee or let me go so I can work for Yates' development team? We need worms and shovels to get through this compost heap.

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