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Author Topic: AI Driver Ratings  (Read 13673 times)
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« on: October 29, 2010, 03:52:01 PM »

Another from the original fine trilogy of primers by fortine_oo. Links are down at NRTracks so I've put them here until I incorporate them into the site changes.

AI Ratings--
Help For Mods And Roadcourses

Quote fortine_oo:
The information that I had based my work on was becoming more than I could recall offhand, so I compiled a file that I could refer to when needed.
I never intended for it to be a public release, but Lyndon wished to put it on his website, so I cleaned it up a little and that is what you'll find at the link.

I have simplified the information and posted a new tutorial below.

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« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 06:33:27 PM »

ai Ratings Tutorial
Make a Custom Roster

The ai will only perform as well as your ai ratings allow. The best lp's and track ini will not provide a good racing experience if the ai ratings don't
   allow for the actual lap times that can be driven on a specific track.
I would suggest, if you'd like a better racing experience, get in there and tweak those settings.

The overall ai performance is a result of the interdependence and interaction of the individual ai ratings as randomly selected by the exe.
Using "real world racing" statistics applied by a formula is one way to set the ratings, but this method is limiting. Real statistics
   are derived from the track(s) run. If the sample is small, or even non-existent (GTP, PTA, cts @RC's), the ratings will be
   skewed to inferior averages.
I don't understand why the (popular?) "real world racing" Roster Rates require the Driver/Track-type ratings to be so low. Most
   if not all of the Track-type minimum values are below 50, and even some of the maximum values are below 50. This low-balling
   has little or no impact on the final results and leads to unnecessary accidents, especially at plate and short tracks.
WARNING: In close racing (e.g. plate tracks), any ai with less than a 50 minimum rating is likely to be involved in an
       accident when the exe selects/applies a rating below 50.

A premier driver is not going to have winning results with a mediocre car, nor is a lousy driver always going to win with a hotrod.
However, the Vehicle ratings, especially Engine and Aerodynamics, are far more influential in a good finish than the Driver ratings.

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« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2013, 06:36:53 PM »

General Information:
There's a minimum and maximum value for each ai rating. When you enter a track, the exe will randomly select/apply a single rating value from
   the minimum to maximum range of values.
   Example: 75min/95max for Short Track. The Player selects a short track to race on. When the track page opens, the exe has selected a random
                value between 75 and 95, say 78. The ai will have a 78 Driver's rating (driving ability) for this track at this race only.
The closer the minimum and maximum ratings are to each other, i.e. the less difference between, the more likely that driver will consistently
   perform the function of that rating, or a that car will have a consistent strength. The farther apart the min/max is, the greater the chance
   the car/driver results will be different from race to race.
As for the actual values, in the 90's is an exceptional car/driver, a top 5 car/driver. The 80's can be very fast. An 85/90 is a top 10 car/driver.
   An 80/90 can have very good days, a team that may be able to win a race. Ratings of 75 to 85 are top half of the field finishers,
   assuming you have cars/drivers with 60 to 75 ratings. A couple of 40/60 cars in a 42 car field means you'll always have someone to lord it over.
The ratings should apply no matter the Player's ability. The Player adjusts the ai strength with the "computer opponents" on the main page before
   entering the track. A fast car/driver is a fast car/driver, whether you're running 90% or 107% Computer Opponents/ Strength (Manual setting).
I set my best drivers with a 5 spread. (These ai have the highest ratings and the winner will come from this group.) The competitive drivers get
   a 10 spread, and the also-rans get a 15 difference. This will have the "better" drivers (highest overall ratings per category) consistently up
   front (except when they are in an accident or have mechanical problems).
If you want more drivers capable of winning, use higher ratings (for more ai) with larger differences between the minimum & maximum values.
I would suggest using a max value of no more than 95, especially for the Vehicle/ Engine and Aerodynamics. A Player should not be able to maintain
   the pace of an ai with 100 ratings. If you can, the track.ini is terribly lacking and/or you need to increase the Opponent Stength.

Note: Due to the race selection process in the game, no two cars may have the same number. (Usually the stronger opponent is chosen.)

     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****

The ai ratings box from NR2003 Main screen/ Opponent Manager/ Ratings tab:

    If you just want consistent results, fast cars/drivers in front, slow at the back, 80/80 gives that with just enough variation so your not
       always lined up behind the same car. If you have some 'very' good cars, they will (almost) always be at the front, however.
    If you want more variation from race to race, you can increase the max and the max/min differential. However, the ai are subject to the
       rest of the ratings, so a slow car/driver is probably not going to qualify higher than a fast car/driver.
    The driving ability (prowess) of the ai for the particular track type.
    Use the 70, 80, 90 rule.
    WARNING: In close racing (e.g. plate tracks), any ai with less than a 50 minimum rating is likely to be involved in an
       accident when the exe selects/applies a rating below 50.
    The ability of the ai to run laps without making mistakes.
    The higher the value and the closer the min/max difference, the better the driver is, and the more easy it is to see in the racing and results.
    WARNING: In close racing (e.g. plate tracks), any ai with less than a 50 minimum rating is likely to be involved in an
       accident when the exe selects/applies a rating below 50.
    The ai's propensity to initiate a pass attempt, regardless of the outcome. A high aggression rating does not make up for a car with lower
       ratings, and a fast car with a good driver (with a reasonable aggression rating, 90 or less) will still overtake a slower car.
    [The track lp's and track.ini are far more influential/important when it comes to ai passing.]
    The higher the value, the more readily the ai will attempt a pass on another ai and the more likely they'll be to hound you. I only go as high
       as 95 for the best drivers (I'm just not a glutton for punishment).
    I haven't found this has much effect. I would use ratings similar to the driver's Track Type or Consistency.

     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****

    This is horsepower. This is by far the most significant rating, directly proportional to producing results. More (higher the value) is better.
    Use the 70, 80, 90 rule.

    How well the car goes through the air and sticks to the ground. Only the Engine rating has more effect.
    Use the 70, 80, 90 rule.

    How well the car handles the Engine and Aerodynamics. The lower the value, the less likely the car will track consistently.
    WARNING: In close racing (e.g. plate tracks), any ai with less than a 50 minimum rating is likely to be involved in an
       accident when the exe selects/applies a rating below 50.

    I haven't found this has much effect. I would use ratings similar to the driver's Track Type or Consistency.

Applying the 70, 80, 90 rule to achieve overall ai parity while maintaining some individuality:
Vary the Engine and Aerodynamics values by 1-5 between close competitors. Assign some ai slightly higher Engine values paired with
   slightly lower Aerodynamics values and other ai slightly higher Aerodynamics values paired with slightly lower Engine values.

     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****

   The only ratings category that affects the Player.
   The Player should set these values at 100/100 if you don't want your pit crew to be less than perfect. The Spotter may indicate the pit crew
      is having a problem, but no time is actually lost.

1. Strategy:
       This value affects the ai's inclination to pit.
       The higher the value, the closer the ai will observe a pit window that is optimum, but @ 100, the ai may presume more than is possible and
          run out of fuel.
       [When the ai pit is dependent on the track.ini values for fuel consumption & tire wear, and further adjustments from the 3 "strategy_" lines.]

2. Speed:
       This value affects the ai's pit crew's speed to get the work done.
       The higher the value, the faster the pit crew. 50-60 max should put the ai on par with the Player.

3. Consistency:
       This value affects the pit crew's consistency.
       The higher the value, the more consistent the length of time for the pit stop.

     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****

Why have a 100/100 ai car/driver:
1. Having an ai @ 100% provides a quick read on any changes made to the Opponent Strength, the lp's, or the track.ini.
   A 100% rated car in every category except pit strategy (99%, because 100 causes "not pitting" anomalies) and pit crew (3 catagories, rated to
      pit near my pit times) and Qualifying (98%).
2. The Player should not be better than an ai @ 100%. If the Player is better, the Opponent Strength or ai_grip_modifier needs to be increased.

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« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2013, 06:45:10 PM »

Ranked ratings for 42 ai

These ratings were set up for ai development.
Except for the race winner(s) result, they race comparable to real racing, IMO.

When the track.ini is properly adjusted and Opponent Strength at 100%, the top 2 or 3 ai will run laptimes commensurate with my laptimes. Barring
   mechanical issues or accidents, the top 2 or 3 will be the winner (RC's), the top 15 will mostly be the top 15, and the rest will be mixed results
   from race to race. Due to the nature of the tracks, at Speedway, Short Track, and plate tracks, the final results may be a little more random,
   however the field generally acts like what you see in real races (IMO).
The Driver/Track-Types (RC, Short Track, Speedway, Superspeedway) ratings are all the same minimum/maximum values within each ranked
   position, but each ranked position has its own (unique) set of values, i.e. #1 is A/B, #2 is C/D, #3 is E/F, etc.
These ratings were derived from 6 separate GTP races at 6 different RC tracks. The points garnered at each race were averaged to obtain a ranking.
All the races were run at accelerated speed, and the ai didn't have mechanical issues or lose substantial ground due to incidents.

     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****     *****      *****

There are 2 Ratings lists, "42 AIParam by points.txt" and "42 rated by pts.Roster.Rate.txt".
The lists are the same, just different formats. Both are listed 1 through 42, where #1 is best.

To apply the ratings to a car file:

1. "42 AIParam by points.txt":
     Use winmip2/Extras/NR2003 Car Editor/(select car file) and copy/paste the new ratings ([AIParamDeviation] & [AIParamMean])
       in the box in the lower right corner.

2. "42 rated by pts.Roster.Rate.txt":
     Use N4UtilityMachine. The N4UM Roster Ratings list is by car number, listed lowest car number at the top, highest car number at the bottom.
     a) Export a Roster Ratings of the car Roster to be used.
         The Roster list is in numerical order by car number, the lowest car number is at the top of the list.
     b) To transfer the "42 rated by pts" Roster Ratings so that the correct car # gets the correct ranking will require a copy/paste of each
         "new rate" line to the desired existing car number of the exported Roster.

The Ratings Roster:
42 AIParam by points.txt
42 rated by pts.Roster.Rate.txt

* 42 AIParam by points txt.7z (2.69 KB - downloaded 312 times.)
* 42 rated by pts Roster Rate txt.7z (1.22 KB - downloaded 389 times.)
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