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Author Topic: Lemans2008_ai Version  (Read 4447 times)
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« on: August 10, 2012, 02:51:01 PM »

Lemans 2008 ai addon.

This is an ai version of Lemans2008 by Brendan Kaczmarek (original Lemans 2004 by Glapa Sylvain).
This package is only an addon. You must have a (stand-alone) Lemans2008 track.

It is important for the best ai that all the addon files be incorporated into the track folder. The ai ratings will also impact the quality of the ai, 40/60 ratings will substantially hinder ai effectiveness.

The way the track was created, i.e. the path of the track centerline, impacts the way the ai perform. The ai don't run in a "normal" manner at some sections and work-a-rounds have been used.
Portions of the track favor the ai and portions of the track favor the Player. I have tried to make the ai as consistent as possible over the whole circuit. The ai strengths can put the Player at a disadvantage a number of times when running close to the ai, but the Player should be able to do slightly faster laptimes. It was the best balance I could come up with.

While the primary objective of this addition is to add competitive ai to Lemans 2008, some attention has been directed toward the graphics.
Lemans2008 is a reworked Lemans2006, which is a reworked Lemans2004. Some of the objects ended up in the wrong place through these modifications, some walls weren't connected and the wall textures were inconsistent. I tried to fix all these I saw.  

****IMPORTANT**** Change/match the race.lp to the series (gtp,pta,cup) you're running.
There are 3 race.lp's, one for each series. The track configuration and the physics characteristics of each series required a series specific race.lp to maintain the ai's race-ability on par with the Player.

More information in the readme.

Get the Lemans 2008 ai addon: Lemans 2008 ai addon

Get the track Lemans2008:
Le Mans 2008 {formerly available @ Sim Racing Mirror Zone / GTP Tracks - Ready to use} : Lemans2008.7z

Alternate track: vte09-Lemans2008 @ FSBracing
To install the ai addon:
1) rename the "vte09-Lemans2008" track folder to "Lemans2008"
2) delete the "vte09-Lemans2008.ptf" file
3) rename the "vte09-Lemans2008.dat" file to "Lemans2008.dat"
4) add/overwrite the files of the "vte version" with all the files from the "Lemans2008_ai addon" folder

---     ---     ---    ---     ---     ---     ---     ---

This is not your mama's Lemans.
No arcade grip or mamby-pamby ai.
Come ready to do some hardcore racing or be prepared to feel like you're driving a tiddler in a field of world class prototypes.

I developed this track as a racing simulation for the racing experience and the ai.
If you're not up to the challenge:
1) Change the ai_grip_modifier value if the Opponent Stength @ 70% isn't low enough.
    Lowering this value will increase the ai's laptimes so you can use Opponent Stength @ +/- 100%.
2) Use the Options/Controls/Driving Aids
3) If you're just in a video game mood, increase the grip levels for each series (in the track.ini)


* Lemans2008 ai addon.7z (1836.03 KB - downloaded 631 times.)
* Lemans2008.7z (18269.42 KB - downloaded 224 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2012, 07:02:13 PM »


At 200mph I can't see the original brakemarkers. It wasn't until I was adding my own that I realized they were even there.

I made new mips for the existing markers' 3do's. They're yellow, green, and red to make them stand out from the backround.
These may not be realistic but I'm more interested in going fast.

Link: brakemarkers.7z

Just add these mips to your Lemans2008 folder, they will override the originals in the dat file. Change your mind, delete them from the track folder and the originals will show.

* Lemans2008_brakemarkers.7z (63.7 KB - downloaded 272 times.)
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