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Author Topic: Track Won't Load? Here are the requirements  (Read 10414 times)
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« on: December 06, 2011, 01:29:26 AM »

  Track Won't Load ?  Here are the requirements.

   There's nothing magical or mysterious to get a track to load, there're just a few requirements.

      ***************         ***************          ***************
   If you have any comments or questions, please start a new topic in the General Discussion forum.

      ***************         ***************          ***************

  PART 1

    What's required for a track to load:
    1. For tracks that use cup, gns, cts, & pta exe:
          A track only needs a fast.cup.sim to load.***
            However, setups (fast.[series].sim) designed for each series usually yield better ai.
          A track will load in gns, cts, and pta series without a fast.cup.sim if there is a corresponding fast.[series].sim setup in the track folder.
         *** To load the track in arcade mode you need an "arcade.cup.acd" setup.

        The GTP mod doesn't need a fast.cup.sim.
        For GTP "trackD" tracks, it does require a setup for each chassis, fast.gtp.jag, fast.gtp.maz, fast.gtp.sau, & fast.gtp.toy.
          A fast.gtp.sim is not required, though one is often included.
        For GTP "trackN" tracks, it does require a setup for each chassis, fast.gtn.jag, fast.gtn.maz, fast.gtn.sau, & fast.gtn.toy.
          A fast.gtn.sim is not required, though one is often included.

    2. A track.ini

    3. A track must have a track folder that contains a ptf file, located either directly in the track folder or in the dat file. The ptf, and dat, must have the
          same (exact) name as the track folder.

    4. Every 3do (and associated mip) used in the ptf must be in the dat file, and/or the track folder, or in the "shared" folder (located in the "tracks" folder).
          The mips used for F and W sections must be in the "trackmat" folder (located either directly in the the track folder or in the dat file).
        [It's possible that a track uses a file that is designated to be in the "shared" folder, but it is not a file that is normally associated with the shared folder.
          It doesn't happen often, but it does occur, and the track will not load until the missing file is added. Then there are the "Revamped Reloaded" tracks
          which require their 'special' shared folder files, so if it's one of their tracks make sure you also download their shared folder.]
        Request: Track creators, load all the necessary mips into the track folder and remove the need for all the users to rely on the shared folder contents.

    5. Even with no lp's, a track will load, but the ai will be limited to running the track centerline and may have trouble getting into and out of the pits.
           However, a track WITH lp's will only load if those lp's were made for (on) that track with the specific track distance and S/F line location.
           A track with "pit1" pit stalls will load without the pit1 lp's, but it will CTD as soon as a car requires one of those pit stalls. A track will load and run
           without pit0 lp's, but not very well when it comes to pitting.

    6. A gotcha, NR2003 only recognizes 128 tracks in the "tracks" folder. Any track listed alphabetically after the 128th track will not load.
        Gotcha 2, If "max_starters = xx" (in the track.ini) is more than the number of pitstalls listed in ";regular stalls", NR2003 will
             CTD (or hard crash the computer).

    Other requirements:
      a) "shared" folder__NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks\shared
         {"Revamped" tracks require additional shared files be added to the "shared" folder.
              1) Start with "Shared 2009". Extract into a new folder.
              2) Extract "2010_update" into the new folder. Allow any of these files to overwrite the 2009 files.
              3) Extract "2011_mip_update" into the new folder. Allow any of these files to overwrite the 2009/2010 files.
              4) Copy the files from the new folder into the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks\shared folder.}            
         {some tracks also come with additional shared files that are required to be in the "shared" folder}
       When adding additional shared files into the "shared" folder, make sure the files are loaded directly into the "shared" folder.
         The added files will not be recognized if they are contained in a folder which is added to the "shared" folder.

  PART 2

    "I edited a track and now it won't load."

    1. After changes are made, it is not necessary to re-pack the dat file. All changes to the original will be realized if the new parts are simply added to the
          track folder, or to a trackmat folder in the track folder.
        [Any file located directly in the track folder will override a file of the same name in the dat file.]

    2. If the change is a mip for mip swap, i.e. a new miptexture.mip is replacing an original miptexture.mip, the edit does not require the track be opened in
          Sandbox, no ptf alterations are needed.
        However, if the new miptexture.mip is for an "F-section" or "W-section", a trackmat folder must be added to the track folder (if one is not already there)
          and the new miptexture.mip placed inside.
        ["F-section" examples: asphalt, concrete, sand, dirt, paintlines, etc.  "W-section" examples: walls, armco, fences, etc.]
        If the new miptexture.mip is for a 3do or "track surface decal", the new miptexture.mip is placed directly in the track folder.

    3. If the change includes adding a new "F-section", "W-section", 3do, or "track surface decal", the track ptf will have been changed. The new ptf (with the
          same (exact) name as the dat and track folder) and any newly added 3do's and mips must be added to the track folder and/or trackmat folder.

    4. If the original track length was changed, or the S/F line was moved, any lp's made for the original track must be removed from the track folder.
        [I have seen lp's included in the dat file. If that's the case, with a track length or S/F line change, the dat "unpack" folder contents (minus the lp's)
          would need to be placed in the track folder and the original dat file discarded.]

  PART 3

    "The track doesn't show up in the track list."

    1. NR2003 only recognizes 128 tracks in the "tracks" folder. Any track listed alphabetically after the 128th track will not appear.  

    2. The track is installed in "double folders", i.e. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks\trackname\trackname

    3. If the track folder doesn't contain a track.ini, it can't show a "track_name_short = __". Make sure you're looking for the
        "track_name_short = (name used in the track list) ", a track does not always have a short name the same as the track folder.

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