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Author Topic: Re: Registration--Temporarily Disabled  (Read 4385 times)
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« on: October 20, 2011, 01:13:03 AM »

Today I was forced to disable registration completely--you know the reason. My inbox has been overwhelmed with spammers and I was missing legitimate emails from my real friends (everything that comes from NRTracks is labeled as 'friend' by my mailwasher). With a personal email I will still register anyone who is interested in full access to forums and attachments but I don't see auto-registration coming back for awhile. If you have a candidate for office who is in favor of stringing up spammers by their toes (or other extrusions) please support him. I don't understand, and am incapable of understanding, the mentality of spammers even when put in the context of "everybody just wants to make a living". It is a point of honor (maybe a singular point) that there are just some things I wouldn't do to make a living. When things are tough some of that 'honor' can be rapidly dissipated but when a tribute site to my lady is similarly shelled by spam I can feel little empathy for the excuse of 'making a living'.

We don't want to deny anyone access here... to that end I finally figured out how to allow visitors to see and download attachments without logging in. As far as becoming a member we welcome all who are interested in the NR2K3 sim. The problem is that the spammers have beat me... the anti-spam mods for my forum aren't compatible with my particular version (a final version before an upgrade that would require me to tear everything down and rebuild). And spammers have become adept at beating even the "captcha"'s that I have trouble reading.

Parties interested in signing up may email me here--all it takes is registration in the subject and I will promptly see to it that you are registered. I apologize for the inconvenience but, well... in a perfect world...
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