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Author Topic: Help With Hyperlinks  (Read 2212 times)
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« on: September 04, 2007, 10:46:49 AM »

Inserting hyperlinks into your posts is not difficult but it is irksome at times when it's not really an intuitive process.  The software I'm trying here is fairly new and doesn't offer extended popup tool help for creating links so here is a simple explanation:

In the most basic form it couldn't be simpler.  Copy and paste a URL into your post.  Highlight the URL (left mouse and drag over the address) and then press the Insert Hyperlink button.  It will look like this in your editing window:


Note that the brackets will appear 'squared'.  The result if you go to preview mode will look like this:

But suppose the URL is one of those long convoluted web addresses with a string of characters that don't mean anything to the viewer other than they clutter the post and may run several lines deep, e.g.


To avoid seeing the entire address and to use your own text as the link is easy (when you know how). Type the text you want to appear, highlight it as above and hit the Create Hyperlink button. Now go and get your hyperlink and copy it (Ctrl-C). Position your cursor within the first set of brackets (after 'url'). Type "=" (the equal sign only). Then use CTRL-V to paste the addy. The editor should now show a line that looks something like this:

{url=www.url_address.com}Your Text{/url}
In my case:

Which should make your output look like this if you preview it:

BTW--If you type (or paste) an address into your post such as www.nrtracks.com (which I have done here) you will not need to use the link button at all.  Your text will automatically format as a link anyway. Which kind of makes the first part of this entire explanation a moot moint.  I just discovered this now though.  Oh well... you live, you learn.
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