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Author Topic: Sandbox_Add Textures to a Wall with Tex Segs  (Read 1673 times)
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« on: October 31, 2010, 05:03:04 PM »

Or more correctly: Adding multiple textures to one w-section with Tex Segs.  From a write-up by Riviera71 (I hope I don't butcher this with my edits because I plan to work my way through this one soon):

Select the w-section that covers the area where you want to add the logo and click on the Add button (1). What this does is split the w-section into 2 (or more if you click more) Texture Segments. The old textures that are assigned to the w-section will be on Tex Seg 1 but Tex Seg 2 won't have any textures on it so it'll look like there's a chunk of the wall missing. If it's on the outside wall you should put your new texture on the Left side and the standard textures on Top and Right.

The number 0.25 that the arrow points at in (2) is how far (in meters) from the start of the w-section your new texture segment will start so if you want it the logo to come a bit later you'll have to up that number a bit.

To make the logo look good you'll have to tick the Override Tex Params box and the V box like in my picture. If you then put 1.00 in the U box (I have 2.00 in my pic) the logo will have roughly the same proportions as the original logo but you can play a little with this number until it looks good. The other value (0.00 in my pic) lets you slide the texture back and forth which you'll need to get it in exactly the place you want it.

By now you have first the regular wall in Tex Seg 1 and the logo in Tex Seg 2 but the logo probably repeats itself lots of times. Add another texture segment where you assign the original wall textures to keep the logo from repeating itself all the way to the next segment. You'll definitely need to up the number at (2) because it'll start 0.25 meters after where Tex Seg 1 ends, leaving very little room for your logo so adjust the number until the logo is fully visible. Done!

If you later need to go back and adjust something you can step through all the texture segments on a w-section by clicking the up and down arrows at (3).

When you slide the texture back and forth using Skew in Override Tex Params you'll see the changes at once but for some reason any changes made in Start (at (2)) requires that you click somewhere else so I usually click in one of the Override Tex Param number boxes just so sandbox knows that I'm done with the Start value (for now, usually takes a few tries before I get the non-logo wall to end where I want lol)
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