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Author Topic: ai Racing the High Line  (Read 3514 times)
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« on: March 06, 2014, 11:35:03 AM »

ai Racing the High Line

The request is perpetual, "I want the ai to run the high line".
I conducted a major quest back in Feb. 2012, and have revisited the matter since. I got it close, but the lower the racing line, the faster the ai can/will be. The best I could get was the high line could keep up, but an ai from a lower line was always able to get by and take the lead. Eventually, the original leader of the top line would lose so many spots, he would move to the lower line. Over the course of all the trials, I arrived at a last ditch idea of how to put the components together, but I never implemented the hypothesis. The parts are: 1) a variety of surfaces, each with a different grip value, 2) the placement order of surfaces, low to high on the track, 3) the fact that different surfaces were needed around the whole circuit, not just the turns, and 4) the way to lay down the race.lp, i.e. the path.

In answer to the latest request,
Quote from: fela
I just want to ask someone... to make a new, high groove race LP lines for Daytona and Talladega track (for which of these many?)... to see racing like we have seen in this year's SC races  
I offered the advice of my hypothesis, along with the caveat, "... no amount of grip or placement of the lp's will enable the ai to be faster using a longer path. Therefore, the ai will always be faster running the shortest path possible.", which was always the result of my many trials.
I'm not fond of ovals, and I hate plate tracks, so I was only up for advice. But I was sucked in to an unwanted project, again. Since I still had the files from the 2012 test, I figured I was 3/4 into the project already and I could finally put the nail in the "it can't be done" coffin.
Damn, you just can't count on NR2003 to be consistent, except in being inconsistent.
IDK if what I got is like this year's racing, I didn't pay much attention to the racing lines, but it's the closest thing I've seen, where three racing lines can hold their own, be it a single car or in a draft.
It's not perfect, and it's not pretty, but it's pretty close to not impossible.

First, the good news.
No leapfrogging, where the low line picks off the latest leader one after another.
I got 2-3 racing lines that are well defined and close to equal in strength, at least no one line is dominant or dominated. With the fast cars at the front at the beginning of a race, whoever takes the lead will have it most of the time until the pitting begins. The leader will move left and right in front of all the racing lines like it's picking up the draft/blocking, it's pretty cool.
An ai in a lower line may take the lead (clear the leader or clear plus half a car length), but if they don't go over to the high line, the high line can retake the lead and hold it (at least one car, sometimes two).
The racing is clean for my ai, but I know it will depend on the individual user's ai ratings.
When the ai are in a pack, the racing varies between 2 wide and 3 wide.

The bad news.
The ptf, with the multi-surface layout for a variety of grip values, is for the original Papy Daytona. An added thumb in your eye, the textures are not the original look. I added and moved sections and used shades of pavement to delineate the different surfaces, gray for paint, dark for asphalt, and light for concrete. I have no plans to re-afix the original look.
Only the race.lp is new. The rest of the lp's are original. IMO, the pitting could stand some improvement. The competition gets pretty strung out after the first pitstop. More ai development in general, i.e. further track.ini adjustments, may also help keep things a little tighter.
If someone was to transfer the multi-surface layout to another version, it wouldn't have to be the exact layout, but it would need to be close. I did quite a bit of fine tuning on the layout to get the racing lines to be of equal strength.
Because the race.lp moves about to keep one racing line from dominating it, when the cars are single file it's a little unrealistic.
If the lead pack comes up on slow cars, some in the lead group may get trapped behind the slow car(s) because the race.lp is not straight. There might be some relief possible from an adjustment, I just haven't tried anything.

Only the race.lp (raceline.lp) is new. The rest of the lp's are original.
Track.ini modifications: asphalt/concrete/paint grip, a few [ ai_track ] changes... [original values are shown to the right "; 0.00"].

Grab the attachment, Daytona high line ai, and drop the files into the original Papy Daytona.

In this form, while it's completely operable, this project is not really an addon, but a HowTo resource.

* Daytona high line ai.7z (781.34 KB - downloaded 308 times.)
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