Circuit Du Val De Vienne

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Category Real Road Course
Configuration 11-Turns, 2.335 Miles
NR2K3 Track Author Unknown


From a French tutorial that I can no longer find online. It was graphically well done but remained incomplete for quite awhile. Using it required some interpolation but I was always intrigued by the track. I believe I must have picked up the ptf file along the way because I have a working track layout with a raceline that I added in my usual half ast style. When I finally drove it I was a little let down--I think I was expecting wider and faster. But it could make for some good close racing if done right. Right now it is only a track with a fence but you can see the possibilities at the track website which has an interesting circuit presentation. The real Val De Vienne seems much more open then the tutorial version as you can see with this video. Or this one. I removed all of the tall fencing and some of the armco to relieve some of the claustrophobia that the tutorial track gave me. Oh yeah, I added a poor raceline to get rid of that dark centerline. My next step I suppose is to start reworking the track environment graphics using the newfound vids.

Two Tutorial Pics

Project Files

Orig. Track DL (or Loc) Old (ptf only) file (18 kB)
Supplemental Files Pending
Revised Track DL Drivable file (1.2 MB). The ini file has not been converted or improved in any way and only enables test driving. It is probably from Infineon or someplace.