Presidio/San Francisco

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Category Fictional Road Course
Configuration Many turns,6.98 Miles
NR2K3 Track Author AJB

I don't know which streets this is based on yet so I can't say what the realism level is. (Ed note: Did it again--the map was in the authors's forum post when I revisited) presidion But maybe accuracy shouldn't be the goal here. One could instead clean up the distant objects on the horizon. There are quite a few TSO's present and although there is a certain "sameness" to some of the houses the track is pretty well complete in that respect. It could perhaps use some better course delineation--markers or signage before some of the turns which are not obvious. Possibly do some work with some of the longer treelines. But a worthy and possibly rewarding project for someone. Especially if they decided to go ahead and add some more features of the real Presidio.

The forum posts (bookmarked below) document numerous CTD's (Crash To Desktop). I only experienced this once and I didn't note the circumstance. Possibly I entered the track in race mode. I very rarely try to race the AI until I have put in sufficient track time to at least navigate the complete course without becoming part of the background. With a longer track such as this that may take a while. Which could be the explanation; better drivers probably went straight to "race" and ran against an AI that the author admits was faulty.

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Orig. Track DL (or Loc) Pits Forums (Dead Link)
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