Nueve de Julio

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Category Real Road Course
Configuration 8-Turns, 2.857 Miles
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The New Nueve de Julio

There's really nothing new here yet except a raceline. I'm not ready to call it a Race.lp because I can already see the problems. I will need to reread the fortine_oo file for creating LP's.. But I am proud anyway--it was my first LP of any kind. And oh yeah, I added some pit area. But left the crew sitting on the track in front of the start/finish line. And still haven't provided access other than the proposed exit. It's kind of retro-pit since I didn't want to go out looking for wall mips at the time and used armco barriers instead. Well, we're just going to have to do a lot better than that before I can post a track revision. And guess what? The 9th of July is a real track in Argentina and now my conception of where the pits should be can never be realized--because I will be constrained by reality. Despite the fact that Alex Holowczak listed it about midway in his rankings page (at Armchair GM) of the top 135 race circuits of the world I can find very little info on this track. The Spanish sites with information fare poorly with the Google translation--"The pilot Sergio Alaux finalized twenty first in the end of the seventh date of the Wagon championship of Tourism that was disputed in the automobile race track of Nine of Julio. Alaux recognized that she was a bad one maneuvers the one that deprived it to continue advancing in the race and the championship where now it fell two places to be located tenth." If my lady is not around to translate, the Google version loses me--I can actually translate it easier in my head if I just read the Spanish version. Image search only brings up a couple of pages and nothing that really helps to make this one right.

Here's a picture I did find which is the culprit for making me aware that this track exists in the real world: Nueve de Julio

Here is the track that I started with the proposed new pits location:

I thought I had a clever reason for putting the pits there (since there was no pit road in place anyway and my war wagon was sitting on the track when I ran my test laps. My idea was that putting all of pit road before the start-finish line and before the slowest corner would allow exiting drivers time to get to speed and actually get a timed lap on the first time around (rather than having to make a nearly complete lap before getting to a timed lap). I don't know if this is even desirable or possible (but I'm sure I'll hear about it if it isn't). A lap on a track like this (2.85 miles) isn't such a deal but on some longer road courses it seems to take so long to start making timed laps--impaciente is what I am.

This was the track that I was talking about in the Braga article when I mentioned finding a setup I liked and all that.

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