Edenvale Airport Project


I don't know what possessed me to lay down this track--I already had more on my plate than I could handle. I think I ran across some article on old and abandoned tracks which caught my eye, probably did a Google Earth thing, and decided that I would kill an hour or so in Sandbox. A simple track right? Well simple is as simple does. A track lays out in an hour. But there is always something to do and I couldn't leave it alone. It's not like it's ever been a consuming thing. In fact, I have forgotten about it for months at a time. But every now and then I will run across a reminder and spend another hour or two playing with it.

The AI will race. And I seem to have gotten rid of the original phantom that would pull select cars into the pit wall as they crossed the start-finish line. That said, there are still remnants of a pit road experiment that went horribly wrong. I was wondering if I could have the cars just pull off track and directly into their pits. And leave the same way, bypassing all that pit road stuff. Deleted INI lines and stuff. It was successful getting cars to enter their stalls directly from the track (to a degree) but the more I got into it the more I could see that some things just weren't going to be feasonable. Or logical. Or sane. So I don't know where I am on this now. There were probably more experiments possible but I couldn't justify all the time I was spending on a MOR track. There are many thing I do that I can't justify though so why stop now?

The phantom car-puller was at one time just causing cars to spin crossing the S/F line. If you rode along in the AI cockpit it was just as if the AI decided to make a 360 for no reason other than to upset the designer. I don't know but I suspect that I got too cute with the X lines, trying to cover up all the infield holes that I could, getting too tight with arcs and maybe even crossing some. I was trying to lay out to include as much arterial runway as possible. I finally abandoned that in favor of TSD's and that's where I am although I left it in a bit of a mess (view-wise). The track seems like a good beginner's road course. Except for the one left-hander it drives kind of like a flat right-handed oval. I guess a roval would describe it better than a road course does. It's wide so it has potential as a fast online racer where you can really stretch it out and yet have plenty of elbow-room.

Oh yeah...about the chicanes. They were drawn into a program map and I put them in. Then felt foolish--who's gonna pour concrete curbing on perfectly good, existing runways. I felt in a way that they should be made of hay bales (the same as pit road) but I finally settled on using tires. And of course, since I haven't remade the race line, the AI bump the new barriers as they run. My racelines are sad at any rate--I always operate on the premise that a bad raceline is better than no raceline (no line gives that funky thin groove all around the track) so I create them before I've done the necessary seat time to drive a good lap. Not to mention that I haven't taken the time to try a put a decent setup into the car.

Project Files

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