First Things First

The crisis is real and you need to write your congressman. Immediately.

Radioio Radioio70s for new fresh music you probably haven't heard before on the oldies stations. Great streaming music.

Where We Hang Out

Piggz Racing One of the better online racing sites I've seen. They run different series practically every day of the week with a wide variety of tracks. The SRC track lists can be found here now. This site is always my first stop when track shopping. If there's a new NR03 track out he probably knows about it.
The Pits They've been around as long as I can remember. A ton of information on their boards covers anything you need for your sim racing experience.
Nascar Rank The definitive handicapping tool for NR2K3 tracks. I've been using it a lot lately and you should too. More is always better when it comes to concepts like this.
I'm always inpressed with their courtesy and upbeat attitude. Get your daily dose of despair elsewhere
MasGrafx MasGrafx = very professional, polished car painters. Wish I could paint like this... They have the PWF mods and many, many extras here also.
Jayski's Silly Season Silly Season site. Good source for car pics and a lotta other stuff
Racing=Reference is such a 'busy' place if you try to actually find something. Which is why I go here for my stats and info.
Took me awhile to find this through the SRMZ (for some reason) and I don't want to lose it again.
Blackhole Motorsports Another site well-known among NR2003 gamers
Bapom Printable Maps Printable track maps. Where were you guys when I needed you?
For people serious about their car setups you can find the Volker Hackmann setups and many others here.
Andreas Wilkes' page. Another valuable resource for hard to find setups.
Lanzock Nice looking site. Better brush up on your German.
Racecar Central Great look--I'd give it a 10 based on appearance alone. Check it out.
Cars, cars, and more cars. One busy painter makes his home here.
Another longtime, well known N2K3 source for Nextel Cup cars.
Rubbin's Racing Online racing, car painting and... forums seem to go pretty deep. This will keep me busy awhile.
Mayo Race Design A registration site.... Looks good so far... They have tutorials here which is a strong plus in my book.

Apologies To Pearly

I have just begun digging through my links and the list is not finished by any means. If you feel your site should be here and you'd like it posted please give me a shout.