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OK About That... What It Is, What It Will Be

Here's the straight skinny: I have all the files from the original Abstract online now. Which, as I explain elsewhere, sort of negates the value of a Word document that isn't even in print form. Although one could print out all 150 pages most of us don't keep that kind of ink supply around for our ink jets. So the thing to do would be to create a direct link to the Tracklist page on your desktop or in whatever folder you store that kind of thing. To create some individuality for the link, right click the shortcut, hit properties, and use this image for your new icon. The icon contains 32x and 48x versions and if you, like me, don't like big-ass icons it should work like the little mini-screenshot shown in the bottom pic.

NR Tracks

What? It's a little crude? Well what do you want me to do about it? You do realize that I had to learn how to use nodes and segments and all that esoteric stuff to draw all your track diagrams don't you? I just can't get myself all worked up to create an eye-pleasing icon. At any rate, I no longer have the Word Document version of The Guide online and unless someone asks for it I will probably store it with other artifacts that trace the events of my life history. The online browser version is probably all you'll ever need or want anyway.

If you accept my suggestion it may look something like this on your monitor. That's not so terrible is it? Here at the house this works faster for me than opening Word. If you have problems with a slow connection contact me from the Contact page and I'll see what I can do. You know it's kind of sad that this entire site is only about twice the size that the Word Document was when I had it online. And it still loads faster.

Tracks Abstract Workbook

Most everything I include on the site has been entered here at least once--it is my primary workplace. Well, not this one; I've attempted to clean the copy up a bit. The game track information has been gathered by going through INI files and README's when I haven't been able to find it elsewhere. The advantage of the spreadsheet, in lieu of a real database, is that it's sortable and you can use filtering to refine results. A little bonus if you're into track-building or just want a little hint about how a track will feel: I have the track "grip" quotients listed (from first stanzas and not extra mods). I haven't played with the figures much yet but I can tell you what the average grip of a NR03 track is and which tracks are most extreme to either side of that figure. I'll bet you can tell me that without looking at the results. I don't really know the use of having it--I just included it since it's part of another project that is currently on hold.

Read the usage notes on the first sheet to learn more about the workbook. Like the Guide it is a work in progress and continues to be updated as I load and use new tracks. It contains more chronological clues to the current track progess than any page I currently have online. As well a complete alphabetical listing that I haven't implemented online yet.

The Works (409 KB)

Individual Track Spreadsheets

As noted on the Feature Issue #2 page, these are just down and dirty little spreadsheets that document individual track experiments and research. These are meant to be included with the guide--as an appendix if you will. I'm not sure at this point how an embedded spreadsheet will act so I am publishing some of them separately (for those who don't need no stinkin' pictures--;). These worksheets are culled from a personal project that I used to collect information on tracks and records and are the reason that the Guide came about; I needed a format that offered visuals and other info that didn't work as well in a spreadsheet.

Michigan AI & Qualifying (69 KB)

Milano AI Comparisons (37 KB)

Fast Tracks

Not much to this one yet. I started looking for the fastest tracks for different categories and lengths (for an article). So far I've looked at 1-to-1 1/4 miles and 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 miles and only for the tracks that I've had a chance to check out. I'll get back to this one.

Fast Tracks (21 KB Excel spreadsheet)


Just the work copy that I used to create the Cookie-Cutter article found in the Nascar section of the site. A few visuals, comparisons of the NR2K3 track.ini files, and the numbers that I used to form the Fast Tracks table in the article.

Cookie-Cutters (650 KB Excel spreadsheet)

Track & Chassis .Ini File Explanations

A quick little one page Word doc with explanations of initial track and chassis setups that determine how cars act at different tracks. Nothing new--I just sometimes need to get a quick brush-up on what's going on at a track.

Track & Chassis Cheater (20 KB Word document)

Race Points

Still pretty dirty and needs cleaning. A little race points system that I was putting together to rate drivers for a season. Used in the Contenders article in the Nascar section. Just for fun and it isn't being refined yet. Has some half-ass decent graphs though if you like that kind of thing.

Race Points (493 KB Excel spreadsheet)

Tire Setup Rough-In Calculator

This is my rework of a program that was floating around the web awhile back. In the original version I had to look around for the entry locations; in this one I just arrow or tab over and it speeds up the process greatly when I am doing a lot of setup testing. That's the only advantage--the original was more visual, this one was created for ease of entry. Of course if I were you and I just wanted to tune my tires I'd probably just go to Keon's World for the setup helper page.

Click on image for full-size view

Please note that you will need to enable macros in order to get this to work properly. Don't worry, it's just a simple little thing to clear all of the tire temps with CTRL-T. I use this often with base setups and with setups from others that I am trying to alter for my (I mean Radt's) driving style. It works very well... to a point. I like to run 10 lap sets and make tire and camber adjustments using this program. I then average my lap speeds for the 10 laps as well as determine the standard deviation (since I am looking for consistency as well as high lap speeds). At some point I will start going backwards so I will return to the setup that gave me the most consistent high speed laps.

I may need help giving credit to the creator of the original version. I have so many files. Lessee... nope, I find nothing. I believe it was a spreadsheet entitled TireTemps or something to that effect. I wrote down Tony Johnson in a comment... Is he the one?  Anyone?

Download TireCalc (36 KB)

Blank Setup Worksheets

The first one is a variant of the woksheets that have been around forever. It differs from others in that it has four columns for comparing setups or cocumenting changes while modifying a base setup. Click on the image below for a larger view.


The second sheet (not pictured) is a two page worksheet for comparing 10 different setups--for those times when four just won't do. I found it was almost easier comparing setups by copying the information into a sheet by hand. The other method I used was to export each individual setup, open the subsequent HTML file in Excel and move all the information around to make for easier side-by-side views. It has limited usefulness but it comes in handy when nothing is working quite right for you.

Download 4-Column Setup Sheet (45 KB Word Document)

Download 4-Column Setup Sheet (31 KB Adobe Acrobat Doc)

Download 10-Column Comparator Sheet (75 KB Word Document)

Download 10-Column Setup Sheet (35 KB Adobe Acrobat Doc)

Obligatory Notice

As with all files I offer on this site I ask only that you do not offer them from other servers. You may freely link to these pages to offer access to all who may be interested.

Hey Mack, Can Ya Spare A Coupla Bucks?

If you find the guide useful any contribution would surely be appreciated. Or if ya just need to get rid of some of that exta loot--benefactors, sponsors and patrons will not be turned away. I promise that this is the last time I will beg, er... ask, and you will nowhere else on this site find a place to spend money. And I will look back at this in a year and say "Damn, did I really do that?"

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