A Slight Diversion

LK Has His Say

This is the Shiner 52 car we run for most of the features. We'll put up a gallery later with our other cars and some of the older ones that Radt destroyed.

Shiner 52

We also run the Mr. Clean 52, the Shop Rat 52, MusicMatch 52, and the Shiner vintage retro "Brewed With Attitude" 52. These have all been painted in our shop. The only Nextel cup car we've painted was the M & M colorless 38 but they commissioned someone else for the official version that you've seen online. As for the old SBC/AMD 52 that we started with? It's been retired to the N2K Museum so she can be seen in all her original glory. Hmmm, this can't be good. Well, what is it Radt? You look like you're dying to say something.

Radt Back Blues

Well, there you go again. Museum huh? It's sitting in the corner of the garage growing dust. Last week you threw a wrench at it. You've done it again LK... we've already seen that you're not a driver. Now we know that you're not a painter either. Better let the professionals do that and you just go into your office like that Orange County Chopper guy and do whatever it is that you do there.

Shiner 52 Left Side View Shiner 52 Right Side View

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