NR Tracks Abstract

What It Is

A New Start/Finish Line

Hello and thanks for dropping in. If you're new here, I went online with this little project in July 2006. At that time I purported to be about many kinds of tracks both real and fictional with a sprinkling of other articles thrown into the mix. But let's face it: all the tracks that I include on this site are tracks that can be used by the Nascar Racing 2003 simulation/game (aka NR2K3, NR2003, NR03). That's what it was, what it is and what it will be. The fact that those tracks can be found all over the world is just a huge bonus in my eyes. What I have always liked about the game is that I have an opportunity to visit many unique venues, places I would otherwise never see much less drive in a car with better than 600 hp.

The journey that led to this has been much longer than 9 months--I used earlier incarnations of the game and, being one of those transient types, I was always looking for a new place to drive. I also collected information about the locales I visited and by the time I finally put my domain name to use I had an Office Word document with around 132 tracks diagrammed and annotated. How little I knew! I have now installed (and driven) some 500 unique tracks. To say nothing about the countless variations and update tracks (most of which I haven't driven), I would guess, could bring the total to over 700. Hard to believe that it all began with about 2-dozen tracks that were used by the Nascar Winston/Nextel Cup circuit.

And What Have I Done For You Lately?

Check the Chrono link on the side bar. Your guess is as good as mine if I've forgotten to update the updates. The link is probably only available from this (Home) page as I was too lazy to go and update my menus site-wide. I really should add dating for every track I add or revise so that you won't think I'm sitting on my thumb and leaning back on my fingers. But imagine the surprise when you revisit a track link and find that my original synopsis that sucked still sucks (only bigger). I'll work on some sort of listing though and see what happens. In the meantime just consider everything new.

So Where Are We Going Here? From Humble Beginnings To A Humble Middle

Hmmm... sounds suspiciously like the name of an article I wrote elsewhere. My goal is the same as it's always been: I want all my collected track information and diagrams to be easily accessible from the keyboard. I want a database without the database headaches (I am still juggling that one so don't ask). It has become obvious now that a database could have been implemented quicker in other ways. At one time I was putting information together so that I could find it without opening the game. Or so I could visualize the track without doing a Google search for a diagram that might just end up being a crude sketch done by a ticket seller. Many times such searches brought up images in which track resemblances seemed purely coincidental. And of course those searches rarely helped much with all of the fictional tracks that are available to us.

I should mention at this point that there is a central repository for information. My first stop is always NR2K3Tracks. Without exception. It should be yours too. When I began putting this together it was still known as SimRacing Connection; it makes no difference. The fact is I still visit the Track Lists pages nearly every other day. It is the first place to go to find any track and I'm still amazed by what Steveb can do with a table--the few words that he uses to describe a track nearly always contain the information that I seem to have missed the first time around. I don't even pretend to do what he does; my job is to visit and explore the places he discovers and points out to us.

And Who Is This Radt Dastard Dude?

Radt was a product of an afternoon lark. I thought I needed something to add a little color and entertainment to the proceedings. To tell you the truth he has become a major pain in the ass and most of the time now I just want to make him go away. But since he has been with me from the beginning I guess we'll stay the course. What's wrong with a little juvenile humor anyway? We are all growing older while we drive our sim whether or not we are serious about our racing. So Radt is my point-counter point. I don't think he's all there but most people probably wonder about me. Sometimes we keep them guessing and sometimes we just lose it and give everything away. The beauty of growing older and going crazy though is that we just don't care anymore who knows it.

A Word From The Radt:

LK thought he was getting some kinda prima donna driver when he hired me and now he doesn't know how to deal with me. I really can't wait until contract time comes around so that I can test the market. I don't know what I was thinking when I signed on. It's just like the army and what Lee Michaels sang in his song: "sign up now and see the world". Yep, I'm seeing the world. We've even been to the forests of Northern Finland. But a 2-man pit crew? C'mon. And the man is constantly harping on about the cars I've wrecked--you'd think no one else had ever put one into the wall. We all know you have to be right on the edge sometimes.

I'll tell you what I think about this "unsponsored" bullcrap. Well I would but LK would bleep me out. We need to see some real green. One of us, and it's not the driver, needs to get a real job. Sure, everyone wants to push buttons and shuffle papers. But someone has to build things and someone has to fix things and someone has to test them. That's where I come in: I create work. So give me a break already.

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